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End of November ’09

[12.30 pm] i just lost my friend. after seven days comma in hospital, he breathed his last on Sunday night 8pm. i hugged her mom and my tears were streaming down my face. i couldn’t explain well. it was such a weird feeling. i wasn’t that close to him, but before the accident, we talked many things. 3 days before the accident, we watched 2012. the nite before it happened, he promised that he would take me to the airport before looked for closing film of INAFFFit’s just too fast. things we had talked before might be not that important, but we laughed at all the secrets we shared. for the first time, i came to my friend’s funeral. i was trembling, i couldn’t Continue reading

Domain Name

Hello my dear bloggers, i wanna make my own domain name for this site. But unfortunately, is already taken 😦 and i don’t wanna use my real name (slightly narcissistic for me).

Any suggestions for another name?

I would love if it still related with word, box, dance, or soul.There will be a lil compensation if u get the exciting one 😀

i still can't imagine another name

Witty lyrics & Tunes from Owl City

enjoy the ride!

“I’ll be out of my mind and you’ll be out of ideas. Pretty soon.. So let’s spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.. Leave your jacket behind, lean up and touch the treetops over town. I can’t wait o kiss the ground Wherever we touch back down.”

The New Electropop Star is Coming to Town! Finally another electronic music stole my heart successfully after Imogen Heap’s 🙂

Who loves electronic tunes, synthpop rhythms, or new wave melodies, raise ur hand! If “Fireflies” and “Strawberry Avalanche” ever so often back and forth in ur ears, the lyrics above might be  so chummy with ur tongue 😉

Before Ocean Eyes album released on CD, Adam Young already Continue reading

Macabre The Movie

INAFFF (Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival)  2009. Awalnya saya tidak tertarik untuk menyaksikan festival bergenre horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, & anime. Kenapa? Nyali saya nol dan semakin menciut menjadi minus kalau sudah berurusan dengan genre yang satu ini. Tapi karena rasa penasaran terus menggerogoti, saya langsung mencari tiket untuk film openingnya. Thanks to Mas Dodi cos i saw the uncut version. And of course thanks to Sly, the festival director who made it happen this year.

Macabre/Darah/Rumah Dara. Kamu bisa menyebutnya dengan berbagai judul. Tapi yang pasti, ini benar-benar rumah darah! Kamu akan melihat darah di sepanjang film ini dan juga berbagai macam alat yang membuat tetesan darah bercucuran layaknya air.  Bagi yang belum pernah mendengarnya, wajar saja karena film ini justru beredar lebih dulu di berbagai festival film di luar negri.

Film hasil besutan The Mo Brothers (Kimo Stamboel dan Timo Tjahjanto) ini sebenarnya bukan film mereka yang pertama. Bagi yang sudah menonton DARA dalam film antologi horor “Takut: Faces of Fear”, tentunya film ini menjadi sajian yang kamu tunggu-tunggu.

Saya tidak akan memberikan spoiler, saya hanya akan membiarkan imajinasi anda melanglangbuana melalui kata-kata saya. Premis film ini adalah: “Enam orang sekawan yang ingin Continue reading

tommorow will never be the same

we grew up just like the others do. despite many years change everything between us, it’s tickle time when we frequently talk about how we roll nowadays.

paint ur life like it never be grey

hey, it’s just the same you, why am i so surprised? maybe the cause is ur simplicity, as always. do i still have the same feeling? i never know about it. but what i do know is we’re overall the same human beings. things have changed, our body, our appearance, our objective, and our view of life. but we still have something that haven’t as well.
we’re pretty tired about the old days. we walked on our own track, never say hi to each other, built our own castle, and finally we met under the very very plain & ordinary circumstance.
yesterday was really different. today is surprise and tomorrow will never be the same. let’s play the roller coaster! still a bit awkward, we love it though! don’t we? 😉

-under the rainbow ambience 09.10.09 @04.37pm-