Witty lyrics & Tunes from Owl City

enjoy the ride!

“I’ll be out of my mind and you’ll be out of ideas. Pretty soon.. So let’s spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon.. Leave your jacket behind, lean up and touch the treetops over town. I can’t wait o kiss the ground Wherever we touch back down.”

The New Electropop Star is Coming to Town! Finally another electronic music stole my heart successfully after Imogen Heap’s 🙂

Who loves electronic tunes, synthpop rhythms, or new wave melodies, raise ur hand! If “Fireflies” and “Strawberry Avalanche” ever so often back and forth in ur ears, the lyrics above might be  so chummy with ur tongue 😉

Before Ocean Eyes album released on CD, Adam Young already introduced his creative brain results on myspace. It’s the first time for electronic music became so booming. After two independent unsigned albums on myspace, he presented his  major-label debut album, Ocean Eyes. Then “Fireflies” climbed to number one position on the US Singles Chart.  The unique fact is he started all his success by  insomniac reason!

Cozy, light, easy listening, and cheerful. Those four words was coming to my mind when i listened to Adam Young’s songs or well known as Owl City, his hometown in Minnesota, US. From all tracks,  i love to hear Hot Air Balloon at all times! writing, crooning, and smiling..

I thought his track could balance ur mind and ur mood when ur work are getting harder and u couldn’t compromise with the so called pretty-swamped-head. Get ur earphone and set Owl City’s to the song list! It perhaps a bit monotonous if u put it all in a row. But check out the lyrics, Adam Young will bring u around the world full of imagination!

Adam Young

For instance, in Strawberry Avalanche, u will find out the dream advantures and reveries in fruits world. And I stared back breathlessly as mountains of fruit tumbled out, I barely had the chance to shout. A strawberry avalanche crashed over me.”

In Hot Air Balloon, he told his fairytale and invite u to join air balloon adventure. Enjoy the ride and have no worries about anything in life.. “So lets spend the afternoon in a cold hot air balloon. Leave your jacket behind, we now can touch the tree tops over town.”

For u who never heard the electropop tunes from this young talented musician, please just download this link, Owl City – Hot Air Balloon. Enjoy ur own world and feel the unlimited imagination!

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-rainbow veins nov’24th09 @10.00 pm-

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