tommorow will never be the same

we grew up just like the others do. despite many years change everything between us, it’s tickle time when we frequently talk about how we roll nowadays.

paint ur life like it never be grey

hey, it’s just the same you, why am i so surprised? maybe the cause is ur simplicity, as always. do i still have the same feeling? i never know about it. but what i do know is we’re overall the same human beings. things have changed, our body, our appearance, our objective, and our view of life. but we still have something that haven’t as well.
we’re pretty tired about the old days. we walked on our own track, never say hi to each other, built our own castle, and finally we met under the very very plain & ordinary circumstance.
yesterday was really different. today is surprise and tomorrow will never be the same. let’s play the roller coaster! still a bit awkward, we love it though! don’t we? 😉

-under the rainbow ambience 09.10.09 @04.37pm-

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