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Light of Grace

I got it from my new friend. Thank for involving me in ur project dear Restu Kilau Cahaya 😉

light of joy

light of joy

Lucia means light (Latin). Nancy means grace/favour (Hebrew/French). i’m d light of grace 🙂 what about you?

*additional info (taken from here)

1.Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. It was named after Saint Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse. Saint Lucia enjoys a high degree of popularity in Scandinavian countries, where her feast day is celebrated every December 13th. Her connection to light is considered particularly important in these northern countries that receive so little sunlight in the winter months. It was the most popular name in Spain in 2006

2.Nancy is a city in north-eastern France. Famous bearers include US politician Nancy Pelosi, Nancy (Anne) Reagan, wife of former American president Ronald Reagan, and singer Nancy Sinatra. In ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens, Nancy is the lover of the murderous Bill Sykes. Nancy Drew is a popular detective in children’s literature. Nancy can be a name given to an effeminate man.

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Simply Complicated Thing

i thought i was going to die. i could deal with the english talk. but i couldn’t explain well about the direction point and the most influential person of my next big thing just asked me. why am i soo blind about it? 😦 nooo, i do know how to read a map, i’m good enough for it. but if u asked me about the way to one place,  even i excatly know the route, better just let me die in ten second.  of course wake me up then. it’s a simply complicated thing. i still can’t deal with it since my childhood.

i took a very very long breath when her attention to me distracted by another woman in the room. then she asked me again, but thanks ma’am, u’re a nice-but-a-pretty-supperior-woman-on-my-first-imppression. she asked me another questions based on my experiences. fuhh..thanks God i made it happen for the first time. hei wait, u smell a job interview here? nope. it’s an interview for volunteering music event. i do love being a volunteer for some reason. yeay. Godspeed.

simply complicated

simply complicated

*pic taken from here

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