Jiffest 10th, beyond film festival!

I’m so proud Indonesia has International Film Festival called Jiffest, Jakarta International Film Festival. People & filmmakers from many countries come to Jakarta & share their films & also cultures. This year, Jiffest held their 11th festival.

[The Movies]

[Dec 4th 2009] It’s the first day of the festival. Though the opening movie been started at 07.30 pm, i had to arrange JSDC (Jiffest Script Development Competition) from 9pm til 5pm with my team. They’re Damar and Cipi. I was late 1 hour on my first day! Haha..The traffic from Bekasi to Senayan on Monday was kreyzee (as usual!). Well, JSDC is a kind of workshop about screenplay. People sent synopsis and treatment of their story then we selected six finalist. They had a chance to discuss it with David Weber from USC. How lucky they are! Only great and unique story could pass the selection.

Jiffest Script Development Concept

Jiffest Script Development Competition

Then we went to Blitz Grand Indonesia after for the opening Movies, Sang Pemimpi. Lotsa film makers and media people there. Hey, i took the picture with Ikal in two version šŸ˜‰ But i didn’t saw my fav singer in the movie, Nugie! šŸ˜¦

the teen & the lil one

[The Festival]

I felt so good when i saw the people so excited and waited for the festival. We got long queue for each free film. One hour before the film started, they had to stand in line for the ticket.

[The Movies]

I just watched several movies during the festival cos it’s a very busy week for volunteers. Among all the movies, i love Yasmin Ahmad’s. Most of her films tells about the simple life.Ā  Heiii, in spite of many things i hate about, i watched 15 Malaysia. 15 short films about the culture, the habits, the tradition, and many things there. Full of laughs, nice story, nice packaging Malay!

[The Guest]

It was so fun when u met new people from many countries, shared stories with them, and got something to share again with friends.

[The Hospitality Team]

After i’ve done with my works in JSDC team, i’m free as charge and helped other division randomly. It was so exciting when i joined hospitality team, anyway thanks Aji! I spent my last three days in Jiffest with new spirit & atmosphere. I moved to Sari Pan Pasific Hotel then rooming with six awesome people. They’re Karina, Teguh, Astrid, Nika, Aji, & Mba’ Nelda. We started our day at 09.00pm and ended up at 03.00/04.00 am. Yea, we did the review around 2 or 3 am. Exhausting yet exciting. I never get bored with all the hospitality stuffs cos the most exciting thing was i found out people enjoy and smile with our service. Surely, i’ve been being so proud of the team. Viva Hospitality!

Our last day at Saripan Pasific Hotel

[The Soundtrack]

Do u know temper trap? The band from australia, so proud to know that the singer has Indonesian blood. He’sĀ  Dougie Mandagi. Their song became the soundtrack of 500 days of summer and also jiffest.Ā  Sweet disposition sweetly sounded day by day before the films began. Been listening it til now and i thought that everybody seems love it too šŸ˜‰ Hey, it’s the half of the trailer, the pictures has been combined with several movies which played in Jiffest.

[The Closing]

The closing film of Jiffest 10th is New York I Love You. If u’ve ever watched Paris J’teaime, it’s the America’s version.

Some photos from the event:

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