Light of Grace

I got it from my new friend. Thank for involving me in ur project dear Restu Kilau Cahaya 😉

light of joy

light of joy

Lucia means light (Latin). Nancy means grace/favour (Hebrew/French). i’m d light of grace 🙂 what about you?

*additional info (taken from here)

1.Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean. It was named after Saint Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse. Saint Lucia enjoys a high degree of popularity in Scandinavian countries, where her feast day is celebrated every December 13th. Her connection to light is considered particularly important in these northern countries that receive so little sunlight in the winter months. It was the most popular name in Spain in 2006

2.Nancy is a city in north-eastern France. Famous bearers include US politician Nancy Pelosi, Nancy (Anne) Reagan, wife of former American president Ronald Reagan, and singer Nancy Sinatra. In ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens, Nancy is the lover of the murderous Bill Sykes. Nancy Drew is a popular detective in children’s literature. Nancy can be a name given to an effeminate man.

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4 thoughts on “Light of Grace

  1. Yogi Cerdito

    My name:
    Yogi Anindya Cerdito

    Yogi: Sankrit Language, taken from one of Hindu’s God who is bound by a code of moral conduct and restraint (including celibacy) with a view to the realization of moksha (liberation)
    Anindya: Sanskrit Language, means GUILTLES
    Cerdito: Spanish, means…….PIGLET (LITTLE PIG. Piglet here is equal with Honey in English to call your dearest one 🙂 how sweet right!!

  2. Hakiki Nurmajesty

    Hakiki means eternal, basic. taken from Indonesian Dictionary
    Nur : taken from arabic language means lights
    Majesty :English, greatness call for queen /king
    so Hakiki Nurmajesty means An Eternal Majesty Lights

    what a nice name huh? my parents are great in giving their kid’s name.

  3. sciencesoul

    My complete name is Indah Pratiwi Putri.

    Indah means beauty, pretty and everything looks good.

    Pratiwi is taken from the first-astronout-indonesian-women. When i was born, she would go to US for the first mission : as the first indonesian astronout who come to the moon.

    Putri means a princess.

    theres no explicit meaning but the implicit one is a beatiful princess who always do the first thing for everything.

    sok dinyambung-nyambungin… kekekeke


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