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Simply ComplicatedĀ Thing

i thought i was going to die. i could deal with the english talk. but i couldn’t explain well about the direction point and the most influential person of my next big thing just asked me. why am i soo blind about it? šŸ˜¦ nooo, i do know how to read a map, i’m good enough for it. but if u asked me about the way to one place,Ā  even i excatly know the route, better just let me die in ten second.Ā  of course wake me up then. it’s a simply complicated thing. i still can’t deal with it since my childhood.

i took a very very long breath when her attention to me distracted by another woman in the room. then she asked me again, but thanks ma’am, u’re a nice-but-a-pretty-supperior-woman-on-my-first-imppression. she asked me another questions based on my experiences. fuhh..thanks God i made it happen for the first time. hei wait, u smell a job interview here? nope. it’s an interview for volunteering music event. i do love being a volunteer for some reason. yeay. Godspeed.

simply complicated

simply complicated

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-in d’ middle of unconsciousness 15.10.09 @07:07pm-