Extra Mile

I always smile when i heard the stories from great people or the stories from the people that i consider great directly.

Thursday afternoon is always being my favorite time. Meeting nine extraordinary friends & one great teacher. Salman Aristo. He’s screenwriter and freaks about movies, perhaps he’ve already watched all the movies :D. Sometimes i envy him much cos he could remember every single detail in the movies he ever watched and i don’t have those capabilities, i’m so forgetful!  Well, in this occasion, i won’t talk about his profile, but something he said that inspires me. Here we go..

“Something that doesn’t work will show u what work.”
That’s one of many beautiful words that makes me thinking at the time.
“The art of problem solving is the art of knowing.”
Yes, unmistakably he got those from thousands films which ever became his “teacher of life”.

I’ve got tons to learn from him. If  u just could nod or hum n haw “yea that’s right”, “i know it” after heard or read those motivation words, our teacher partner apply it in his daily life.

10.000 hours rule. This kind of topic make my left brain strated to think & my right brain flew away to the the imagination of my future.

Why Bill Gates succeed until now with his software company?

Why The Beatles could be that famous with their songs?

That’s all because of 10.000 hours rule. Long time a go before they were being famous & their name stucked in many people’s head, they’ve already researched, learned, practiced, explored, and been doing all the activities that related with their profession and hobbies for ten thousands hours.

Well, it’s definitely makes sense, isn’t it? People (including me) often have too many wants without more efforts. For instance, you could see the instant singer or artist. In several cases, they tend to catch media exposure and become so called happening-artist. Don’t mean to be subjective, but that’s the real fact right?) 😉

“Going the extra mile!” Someone can be more productive if they do more. Do not expect to be a great film director if u rarely watch movies, do not expect to be a successful businessman if u aren’t even so lazy to keep ur discipline and not friendly with economic condition, and do not expect to be a good writer if ur eagerness to write is never bigger than a golf ball. *The last thing slapped my imagination cheek.

Like the torches, my fire is flaming up more and more. After conversation with friends about “comfort zone” became a-never-ending-talk, i thought the “extra mile” could be an exciting topic and i hope would never die as another tea-time-conversation.

10.000 hours. As my partner said (quoted from  Umar Kayam) “24 hours are so many, could u imagine how many hours in one week?” Well, in 24 hours everyday we absolutely could make a little step to feel the giant result next. Let ur self to do what you love with smile and big spirit and get your present in the future.

You don’t know what happen next if you don’t try your best, right? The extra mile will surprise u..

Get ready for ur ten thousands hours friends! 😉

Wish me luck..

-my cubicle, 070809 @ 11.07 am-

7 thoughts on “Extra Mile

  1. Pidi

    semoga bisa konsisten mengejarkan yang terbaik dari apa yang kita sukai terus dan terus dan terus sampai 10.000 jam dan terus dan terus dan terus

  2. sciencesoul

    10000 jam pun harus termasuk berdoa… karena akhir usaha tetap Tuhan yang menentukan 🙂
    Gud luck for you, my sweet heart…

  3. Ferdy_B&M

    Awwwww………So Sweet…… and so true…

    Yes Luci……. Bener banget… He is one of the greatest person I ever met. Dia memang mentor yang hebat sampe2 kita juga terinspirasi.

    Intinya memang nggak boleh nyerah dan tetap semangat sampai ke 10.000 jam.

    I wish you luck, Luci.

    May the force be with you ; D

  4. vickyharahap

    Nice..Terkadang dibutuhkan kesabaran dan juga usaha yang besar untuk mendapatkan yg kita mau.
    Edison beribu-ribu kali gagal untuk menemukan sebuah lampu.
    Jadi,kenapa kita harus mengeluh ketika harus gagal beberapa kali.
    Intinya bersabar dan cintailah apa yg kita kerjakan seperti kita mencintai diri sendiri and the result will come!


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