what do you think when i say independent?

great moment with great people

it’s not about independence day or nasionalism.
my story below will tell (or ask maybe) about our self.

have you ever felt so pretty free? when you can do everything you wanna do, when you can say outloud all the words you wanna say, and when you don’t depend to anybody..

maybe sometimes we feel that we are independent human being, we went to many places, we ate our favorite foods, we did our favorite things, and constantly keeping track of our stuffs & our valuable moments.

it’s very easy to be independent when you’ve got money on your pocket. but to be independent when you’ve got nothing, that’s a big challenge in life.

but it’s not about money or traveling things. it’s about our passion, our willingness, and our desire. i’m not independent enough, but i’m on my way to be. i wanna walk away from my cubicle, take a deep breath, & start to see the world. fly, follow my passion, & feel free!

how bout you? are you an independent human being?
did you follow your passion of life? break a leg fellas!

“I am no bird, and no net ensnares me, i am a free human being with an independent will.” -Charlotte Bront-

-my cubicle, 190809 @ 2:01 pm-


7 thoughts on “in(depend)ent

  1. nannananan

    waaaaww…nice wrt 😀

    i feel the same way like u wrt..i’m not independent enough…let’s say, i stil be dependent one…
    my fraightness is bigger than my brave…

    i alwys in midway, n don’t whre i should goo…

    u little bit inspire me..n give me strenght to do wht i want 😀

  2. lucianancy Post author

    >nana: thanks for all d supports dear, you’re such a big gift from God. it’s not the end, it’s a new beginning! for us! we’ll start the journey soon to be independent one! enjoy d proccess dear..

    >jhonny: hey thanks for coming to my lil world.. it’s just not about adventure, it’s all about follow ur inner heart 😉

  3. placebo

    did i follow my passion in life…
    I believe passion is something that makes this life worth living. Cause it’s what excite life..
    I also believe that passion is what drive us to get what we needed…
    so.. i don’t follow passion… I try to constantly fill my life with it ! 🙂

  4. Jhonny Gotskill

    so you like an adventure girl right? have you seen the movie UP? you’ll dig this movie if you really an adventure girl


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