.another first.another new.

first day on September..

first day on fasting month..

first work day in one of TV station in Jakarta..

first day believe to create a blog again..

it’s just another first day of my life..

new paper on my books..

new line on my paragraphs..

new chapter of my life..

it’s just my another new beginning..

5 thoughts on “.another first.another new.

  1. ade toyay

    welcome 2 d’ jungle Dora…!!!!!!! salam g cee’ wat org2 yg sk bw SILET or somethin’ ???? hehe.. jakarta emang KERAS & CUBRUT (red=cuek brutal)… S A B A R y cee’ TUHAN g pernah TIDUR…!! teruskan perjuanganmu nak,,,alah ap coba??? (6six6)

  2. nik.e

    enjoy the ride, ci
    apapun yang lo dapet di dunia barumu ini. semoga bisa jadi bekal untuk nanti.
    nikmati hari ini 🙂
    btw, nama blog-nya kok kayak nama band anak kantor? udah sehati tuh 😉


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